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Our Story

Welcome to Green Man Rolling Papers, where ancient myths meet modern smoking culture. Our rolling papers are inspired by the legendary Green Man, a symbol of rebirth, growth, and connection to nature. According to myth, the Green Man was a guardian of the forest, embodying the cycle of life and death and celebrating the changing seasons. Just like the Green Man, our rolling papers are made with the highest quality materials and a commitment to sustainability. We use rice instead of traditional fibers and organic dyes to create a product that is both enjoyable to use and better for the environment. Whether you're rolling a joint for relaxation or creativity, our papers are designed to enhance your smoking experience and connect you to the natural world. So join us on a journey inspired by the Green Man and experience the magic of our rolling papers. From the first spark to the last puff, our papers will guide you through the cycles of life and remind you to “Feel The Green" – the beauty and power of nature.